Modbury Chess Club

Modbury Chess Club is a friendly chess club, meeting in Modbury North, in the north east of Adelaide, South Australia. We meet to play all kinds of chess, including Lightning (aka Blitz), Rated Interclub matches, Fixed Opening matches and more.

We also host frequent chess events such as tournaments and lectures from the masters. Stay tuned to our calendar to see what is coming up. Or even better, come join us and we'll tell you in person! Everyone is welcome and we'd love to see you for a game or three :)

Come Join Us!

Time for Octoberfest!

One long game per night each week in October.

Meeting Times and Location

We meet at the Burragah Recreation Centre, which is at 140 Kelly Road, Modbury North, 5092, 7:45pm on Fridays.

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Ok, so we don't have free tim-tams all the time, but we do have them occasionally!

Contact us or simply turn up at the club on Friday to join in the fun! Just check the calendar to make sure we're not on holidays!

Thanks to CypherBYTE for creating and managing our website! It will most likely be changing, so don't forget to check back later for more...


There are two different fees, nightly fees and membership fees.

Annual Membership Fees
Standard Membership: $25.00
VIP Membership: $300.00

VIP members are not required to pay any nightly fees and may receive additional benefits.
Memberships are annual and based on the calendar year, due every January.
Membership fees reduce over the course of the year.
VIP membership fees reduce by $25 for every calendar month that passes. Currently $25.00.
Standard membership fees reduce by $2 for every calendar month that passes. Currently $3.00.

Nightly Fees
Non Members: $9.00
Standard Members: $7.00
VIP Members: $0.00

Nightly fees are payable at the start of the night.

We strongly prefer cashless payments.

We aim to start tournaments at 8pm sharp.
A $1 late fee applies for those who turn up after 8pm.
If you turn up after 8:15pm, you may not be able to play since the night's tournament may already be under way.
In other words, DON'T BE LATE!!

Please be familiar with our Club Rules.